Questions 14 -17 are based on the following conversation between two friends.

1.[单选题]What news does Renee share with Tom?
  • A.She met a high school classmate.
  • B.She found an old friend's address.
  • C.She paid a visit to her high school.
  • D.She got in touch with an old friend.
2.[单选题]How did Renee's friend get her email address?
  • A.From an old address book.
  • B.From one of their former teachers.
  • C.From another high school classmate.
  • D.From the website of Renee's company.
3.[单选题]What does Tom say about his old friends?
  • A.He has lost touch with all of them.
  • B.He maintains contact with most of them.
  • C.He has regained contact with a few of them.
  • D.He keeps in touch with one or two of them.
4.[单选题]Why did Renee and her friend lose contact?
  • A.Her friend's family left for another city.
  • B.Her friend transferred to another school.
  • C.They had an argument and drifted apart.
  • D.They were too busy to write to each other.
参考答案: D,D,D,A
解题思路:W: Hi, Tom, just want to share with you some good news.
M: What's that, Renee? W: I've just received an email from one of my former high school classmates.
M: That's nice, isn't it?
W: You bet. I feel so excited. Well, actually I haven't heard from her for ages. Can you imagine she used to be my best friend in high school? I felt sad when I lost touch with her when she moved to an-other city with her parents. And that was almost about five years ago.
M: To be frank with you, I have been out of touch with most of my oldfriends, too. Only one or two still keep in touch with me.
W: I know. It's really hard to maintain contact when people move around so much. Er, thanks to the Interact, we are back in touch again. My friend told me she got my email address on my company's website just by searching for my name under Google. At first, she Wasn't sure until she saw my photo.
M: That's fantastic. People just drifted apart when they are so far away from each other and when everybody is so busy. But you are lucky that you have be back in touch with your friend again. I am happy for you.>>>立即刷题